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How To Get Your New T-Shirt Featured
So you have an awesome new shirt release, it's front page on your webstore and all over your social media accounts, now let us show it off too!
We just love great chestart and the Urban Tee Network is all about independent clothing labels. If you want your new shirt to be featured, read through the checklist below and then let us feature your work!

Shirt feature is only open to independent clothing labels, as in small business. We can't feature work from smaller sub-brands of larger companies.

You must be the owner of the brand and the shirt design must be unique.

We will not feature any work that is copied from any other brands, uses eradictive, defaming or legally questionable content.

Tell us a bit about your company and what else you have to offer. Include large product images, shirt name, description and your webstore address.

Email all of the details over to us at: featured@urbantee.net

Give us some time after you have sent it and if you tick all of the boxes we will add your new shirt to the News and New Releases page! We will let you know when it's published.

We reserve the right not to publish anything we deem innapropriate or not in keeping with our site/ethics. Our visitors are here to discover new and unique indie brands and we only want them to see the best designs.
If we turn down your submission we will certainly let you know why. If it's because we have featured a similar shirt then just try again with your next release!