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Terms & Conditions For Directory Listings
Only open to independent clothing labels, as in small business. Not open to smaller sub-brands of larger companies.

Listings are all for one calandar year only, from date of first listed. After paying for a listing it can take up to 7  working days for your listing to go live on the site. It will be that day your year will start.

Product image changes - With each yearly listing we will allow one image change after 6 months, so it's best to showcase your main 'all day long' selling products. The reasons for this single change is down to administration for the directory. We are a two man team and cannot spend our days adding and deleting new products for each company. The listings are very very cheap compared to other direct advertising online. We have made our listings very affordable as we know small business budgets.

You must own the brand you are listing and your brand and designs must be unique. We will reserve the right to not publish and or remove listings, without compenstation, from any persons or company that break the following guidelines:

Breaking existing creator, personality or copyright laws.
You must own the full rights to any images or prits on products.
You cannot use eradictive, defaming or legally questionable content.

All sites will be viewed before payments are made, listings will be taken at our disgretion, our decision is final.

Urban Tee Network does not promise to give you site hits and or paying customers. Taking a listing with us is not a contract for us to further promote you other than the directory. We will occasionally pick our favourite products and promote them on here and within our social media.

As a company we advertise our site to people that want to shop small or discover indie brands and labels. The directory is a main feature of our platform and indeed our passion. We are dedicated to small brands and will generate traffic here from all of our social and media outlets. There will be online adverts for our directory and with time this will build. We cannot guarantee people will click on your links. As with any advertising, you do your best to showcase who you are and your products, and we will feature you in exactly that way within the Urban Tee Network.

When you pay for a listing you are abiding by these terms and conditions.

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New Designs